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“BitBoy Crypto” hints US can’t do anything against Binance

"BitBoy Crypto" hints US can't do anything against Binance 3

Ben Armstrong said that US agencies can’t take action against the Binance Crypto exchange.

Ben Armstrong is a popular Crypto Youtuber and he runs his YouTube channel with the name “BitBoy Crypto”. He usually investigates Crypto assets, Crypto companies & Crypto influencers to find out back-end dark activities like illegal ways of crypto services promotions & unethical crypto assets promotions.

On 24 Dec, Ben Armstrong talked about the FUD news about the Binance exchange and said that if the US government agencies will take any action against Binance or any other company then they will not disclose that thing in advance.

“Notice when it comes to @binance FUD, no one tells you what legal action the US will take. Only that maybe it will pursue legal action,” Armstrong stated.

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Further, he said that Binance already suspended its US-based customers from the exchange in 2019 on behalf of the request of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In the last, he asked from his followers “what the US could do against the Binance exchange?”.

In this way, Armstrong tried to explain that all the FUDs about the Binance exchange are only conspiracy theories against the exchange.

In the present time, Binance exchange provides services in many countries but in a few countries, it provides services via subsidiary companies. In the US, Binance exchange provides services via Binance.US which is fully independent of the financial activities of Binance exchange.
In the present time, Binance exchange is standing at the first rank in terms of 24 hours global crypto trade volume. And BinanceUS is standing at 9th rank.

"BitBoy Crypto" hints US can't do anything against Binance 2

In the past several weeks, many Binance critics claimed that Binance’s Proof-of-reserves (PoR) was useless and the audit report could not be believed blindly.

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“BitBoy Crypto” hints US can’t do anything against Binance



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