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Bitcoin bull El Salvador educating students about Bitcoin

Bitcoin bull El Salvador educating students about Bitcoin 4

El Salvador is working to push Bitcoin adoption via education among the country’s students.

El Salvador is the first country in the world, which adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender alongside the use of the US dollar. In September 2021, the El Salvador government introduced a Bitcoin law to allow citizens to use Bitcoin as a currency. To use Bitcoin in the daily life payment option, the country also launched its official national digital Bitcoin wallet “Chivo”. 

On 26 Dec, A video was shared by a Twitter account @BitcoinClip. The shared Video shows a teacher in a school educating students about Bitcoin.

They are teaching how to send & receive Bitcoin as a part of a ten-week curriculum. 

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Teachers are also explaining to students about different Bitcoin-related terms like nodes, double-spending, and Bitcoin halvings.

This is a part of El Salvador’s Bitcoin education & awareness program “My First Bitcoin”. And this program aimed to educate 10,000 students in the country this year and also they are expected to educate 250,000 students in 2023. 

El Salvador is continuously increasing its efforts to increase Bitcoin adoption among the citizens. In Nov of this year, the government launched a Bitcoin office in the country to manage all cryptocurrency-related projects. Through the new office, the country will also serve as a bridge to organise meetings between individuals and the President for Bitcoin and blockchain implementation in the country.

In late 2021, El Salvador also announced a Bitcoin City plan & also aimed to launch Bitcoin Bitcoin-Bond, to allow the citizens to invest in the country’s Bitcoin-related projects.

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Bitcoin bull El Salvador educating students about Bitcoin



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