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Crypto leaders don’t want Musk to step down as Twitter CEO

Crypto leaders don't want Musk to step down as Twitter CEO 2

Changpeng Zhao, Vitalik Buterin & Michael Saylor suggested that Musk should not leave his Twitter CEO position.

Twitter is a popular social media platform among crypto investors. In October of this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased Twitter as a private company & now he is CEO of Twitter. In less than 60 days of timeframe, Musk reportedly reduced 4400 employees to reduce the expense pressure from Twitter. 

On 19 Dec, Elon Musk posted a Twitter poll and asked his followers whether he should step down from the role of Twitter CEO or not. 

Poll results showed that 57.5% of people don’t want to see Musk as a Twitter CEO. 

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So far to this date, Musk hasn’t yet responded to this poll result but it is 100% confirmed that he will step down from the CEO position.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO & founder of Binance exchange & one of the investors in Twitter, suggested Musk stay at the CEO role. 

Former Microstrategy CEO & Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor said that Musk should not leave this position because another poll result is showing that 82% of people think Twitter is now much better after Elon’s Twitter acquisition.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the second biggest crypto network Ethereum, also responded and said that he respects such a move by Musk.

In the present time, a few reports are floating in the crypto community claiming that if Elon will step down from Twitter CEO role then surely Crypto payments will not come on Twitter.

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Crypto leaders don’t want Musk to step down as Twitter CEO



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