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CZ notes AI beaten most of the crypto exchange founders

CZ notes AI beaten most of the crypto exchange founders 10

Binance’s CEO noted that Artificial intelligence (AI) is now more intelligent to respond to the critical matters of the crypto sector. 

Recently OpenAI launched its artificial intelligence-based Chatbot ChatGPT. This ChatBot is full of knowledge and can perform many tasks like creating an original song writing, a thesis & coding smart contract protocols. The majority of crypto lovers tried & tested this bot in different ways and noted that ChatBot has several abilities to perform better work than normal people. 

On 7 December, Changpeng Zhao, CEO & founder of the first-ranked crypto company Binance, shared an answer to a question that was asked by him from ChatGPT. 

Zhao noted that the answer from this ChatBot is showing that AI is now better than many crypto exchange founders. Indeed he indirectly criticised bankrupt FTX exchange founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

In the same tweet thread, he also added himself to the list of those crypto exchange founders who are not better than ChatGPT’s abilities.

“Myself included. While we are doing most of it, I don’t think I can articulate the points succinctly. Might have to print it out on the wall,” Zhao said.

Just a few days ago, a person asked from this ChatBot “why the FTX exchange collapsed?”. ChatBot answered that ups & downfalls in the price of crypto assets don’t mean the exchange failed because it is natural in the crypto sector. At this point, ChatBot failed because of the lack of information regarding the ongoing incidents in the crypto sector. 

Few people noted that if ChatBot can easily write a thesis on any particular matter then surely it can create Blog posts and may eliminate the role of the majority of news writers but in reality, there are some limitations with this ChatBot in the present time. In the future, the next version of this ChatBot will surely be able to perform multiple tasks without any limitations. 

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CZ notes AI beaten most of the crypto exchange founders



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