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Ethereum co-founder Hoskinson is sad over “Coinbase Crypto 2023 Outlook” report

Ethereum co-founder Hoskinson is sad over "Coinbase Crypto 2023 Outlook" report 4

Charles Hoskinson noted that Coinbase didn’t mention Cardano (ADA) project anywhere in its Crypto 2023 outlook report.

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of the Cardano blockchain and co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain. Hoskinson aims to make Cardano the best Proof-of-stake (PoS) network for the commercial-level use case, unlike Ethereum which is a non-profit public blockchain network. 

Recently the US-based Nasdaq-listed public Crypto exchange Coinbase published its “2023 Crypto Market Outlook” report and talked about many things that will emerge as an important part for the crypto sector in 2023.

In particular, the Coinbase report noted that 2023 will bring improvement in the crypto regulatory framework & better clarity on the regulation, which will further help to push the crypto adoption. 

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On 21 October, Hoskinson responded to Coinbase’s Crypto 2023 outlook report & criticised it for not mentioning a single word about the Cardano blockchain and he said that he expected much better from Coinbase.

Low marketing, High development

Cardano initially showed itself as a transparent crypto project over others and also distribution of Cardano’s native coin ADA is fully transparent, where the majority of the ADA coin holders are retail investors.

Unlike other crypto projects, Cardano never collaborated with any VCs investment and this is a big reason where Cardano failed in terms of marketing strategy. 

Since the beginning, the whole devs team behind the Cardano project only focussed on development works, instead of marketing. 

Once, Cardano founder Hoskinson said that Cardano never collaborated with VCs and this is the main reason why it faces negative publicity.

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Ethereum co-founder Hoskinson is sad over “Coinbase Crypto 2023 Outlook” report



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