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Finder Wallet sued by Australian watchdog

Finder Wallet sued by Australian watchdog 2

Australian watchdog sued’s subsidiary Finder Wallet over unlicensed financial services. is a popular data comparison website. The backend company behind this website has more than 400 employees, which helps to provide better Data research & comparison. Finder Wallet is an affiliated service of The majority of the visitors to this website come from Australia. 

On 15 Dec, The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) informed that the agency sued Finder Wallet over its unlicensed services in Australia. 

ASIC stated:

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“(Finder Wallet) breaching product disclosure requirements and failing to comply with design and distribution obligations (DDO) about its crypto-asset related product Finder Earn.”

Sarah Court, deputy chair at ASIC, said that the agency recently took action against three crypto-related service providers and these enforcement actions are hinting that the agency believes Crypto assets dependent services do not guarantee they will fall outside the current regulatory regime.

In particular, ASIC targeted Finder Wallet’s Earn product, which provides 4% to 6.01% interest for Aussie customers. According to ASIC, the Finder Earn product is suspicious because the company takes deposits from customers in the form of Australian dollar-pegged stablecoin TAUD and further returns huge returns without any disclosure about the use of that funds in the back end.

ASIC also alleged that Finder provides a kind of financial services without a license, so basically, there are possibilities where customers may face loss. 

This Australian agency informed Finder About such violations and in response on 24 November 2022, company suspended its earn product & also refunded the funds back to users.

The next court hearing date of ASIC vs Finder is yet to be scheduled by the Court. Few reports noted that the company will admit its mistake and will try to settle the case as soon as possible.

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Finder Wallet sued by Australian watchdog



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