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FTX former CEO SBF says I would be happy to help advise regulators

FTX former CEO SBF says I would be happy to help advise regulators 4

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) responded to the news of “Alameda Research Crypto wallet activity status” and confirmed that he was not behind any crypto activities.

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is the former CEO & founder of FTX Crypto exchange. He was also a 95% owner of the Crypto hedge firm Alameda Research. SBF misused the FTX customer’s funds & also funded Alameda with the help of FTX exchange unethically. The whole thing resulted in a bad outcome for the FTX exchange & all of its companies including Alameda and finally, on 11 Nov FTX filed for bankruptcy in a US bankruptcy court under the Chapter 11 code.

Three days ago, Cointelegraph reported that the Crypto wallets of Alameda Research are now active, meaning crypto transactions started, just after SBF secured bail on behalf of a $250 million bond. 

The report also noted that the majority of the people in the Crypto Community claim that it was SBF who is now free to use Alameda Research’s financial tools. 

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On 31 Dec, SBF responded against all these allegations and said that he can’t access any of Alameda Research’s funds anymore. 

“None of these are me. I’m not and couldn’t be moving any of those funds; I don’t have access to them anymore,” SBF said.

Further SBF said that such activities might be part of the legit works by the legit actors in the FTX exchange and if any regulatory body wants help on this matter then he will. 

Earlier this, SBF confirmed that he owns only $100k in his net worth and he could only access that limited money. He also said that he can’t access any of the accounts of FTX or Alameda Research. 

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FTX former CEO SBF says I would be happy to help advise regulators



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