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G-Rocket aims to attract 1,000 Web3 startups to provide govt services in Hong Kong

G-Rocket aims to attract 1,000 Web3 startups to provide govt services in Hong Kong 2

HK legislator’s startup company aimed to bring thousands of Web3 Technology based services to the nation, which will be linked with practical banking & Government services.

Web3 is a next level concept of the existing model of the current internet-based websites. However there is no actual definition of Web3, which can show the features & ability, but still, many crypto projects showed their inclination toward Web3-based projects to provide decentralised financial services. For the last couple of years, the Crypto industry’s leading projects are taking the Web3 concept as a new trending material. Experts believe that Web3-focused platforms will change the future of the internet because in the Web3 environment an internet user will hold all his details in a decentralised medium & also there will be no middleman between the user & service provider. 

Ng Kit-Chong, a member of the Hong Kong legislative council for the election committee constituency, co-founded G-Rocket. The current CEO of G-Rocket is Casper Wong. Casper Wong co-founded this company with Chong in 2016.

Here G-Rocket is a start-up accelerator company. Recently Wong appeared in an interview with the South China Morning Post.

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Wong talked about the firm’s new aptly named program “Hong Kong Web 3.0 Hub” and he said that his company aims to help 1,000 Web3 start-ups to push them to work on the ground level to provide practical level services. 

G-Rocket CEO said that he aimed to achieve this target in the next 3 years. 

“We hope to help bring good companies and talent back to Hong Kong in the post-pandemic era,” Wong said.

The CEO said that he will bring government & Banking services to the Web3 protocols, where the Web3 platform will be secured at a very high level and this will further help the special administrative region of China as a crypto hub that will create significant competition to Singapore.

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G-Rocket aims to attract 1,000 Web3 startups to provide govt services in Hong Kong



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