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MetaMask adds PayPal support

MetaMask adds PayPal support 2

Soon MetaMask users will be able to use  PayPal account to fund their MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask is a popular Ethereum blockchain-supported decentralised digital wallet, which is known for its trust. MetaMask was developed by the ConsenSys team and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin is the founder of ConsenSys. In the last month, ConsenSys was criticised by MetaMask users over the new privacy policy of the MetaMask wallet. 

On 14 December, MetaMask wallet announced that users will be able to transfer ETH funds from their PayPal accounts to MetaMask wallet. In short, users will be able to fund their MetaMask wallet with the help of their corresponding PayPal accounts.

This service will only be allowed for US-based customers and the new feature will be available to use in the next few weeks. 

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This new upcoming feature will allow MetaMask users to purchase ETH on MetaMask easily. 

In the last few weeks, the MetaMask wallet was under huge pressure because of the crypto community’s opinion over the new privacy policy of the MetaMask wallet. 

Under the new privacy policy, the MetaMask team said that it will collect necessary details of users like IP address, name, etc. Just a few days ago, the company confirmed that it will change its policy & will only store users’ data for up to 7 days. 

PayPal started its crypto-supported services for users in 2020. At that time, PayPal was allowing the purchase of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash. 

Last week, Stripe, a popular competitor of PayPal, launched a new service in support of cryptocurrencies to allow customers to convert their funds into Crypto assets easily. 

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MetaMask adds PayPal support



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