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Nansen founder says Cardano Bros never thanked him

Nansen founder says Cardano Bros never thanked him 11

Alex Svanevik appreciated himself for a prediction that he made for Cardano (ADA) in March 2022.

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus-based scalable blockchain network, which is known for its innovative development works instead of promotional strategies, unlike other Crypto projects. The Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson is the founder of this crypto project. Hoskinson is the current CEO of Cardano developer company IOHK.

On 25 Dec, Crypto analytic platform Nansen founder Alex Svanevik quoted his 9 months old tweet, where he said that Cardano will not gain a $30 Billion market cap in the same year. In short, he indirectly suggested big Cardano (ADA) investors to sell the holdings.

Nansen CEO said that Cardano investors never thanked him for the prediction that he made on Cardano when it was at a $30 Billion market cap.

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The prediction made by Alex was exactly right and we can see that the current price of ADA coin is $0.259 and this price is 82% down over the last 1 year of trade price.

Nansen founder says Cardano Bros never thanked him 10

This year, the majority of the crypto assets plunged badly because of the usual bear cycle. For a short term, ADA grabbed traction in the crypto sector in September of this year because of the most important upgrade in its blockchain via “Vasil Hardfork”.
Despite being a terrible performer in the Crypto space, ADA is standing in the top 10 assets category with a $9 Billion market cap.

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Nansen founder says Cardano Bros never thanked him



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