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Uniswap welcomes Card payments for customers

Uniswap welcomes Card payments for customers 5

Popular decentralised Crypto exchange Uniswap introduced card payment systems in its ecosystem.

Uniswap is a popular Ethereum network-based Defi (Decentralised finance) concept-based Crypto Exchange. In Q3 2020, Uniswap was the top biggest Defi crypto exchange. To this date, this exchange is standing at 2 rank, just after the DyDx exchange.

Uniswap welcomes Card payments for customers 4

On 30 Dec, Uniswap announced that now users can buy crypto assets via direct Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Bank transfer payments.

For this new feature, Uniswap collaborated with a crypto payment system provider MoonPay.

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“Starting today, you can now purchase crypto on the Uniswap Web App using a credit/debit card or bank transfer at the best rates in web3 thanks to our partnership with @moonpay,” Uniswap stated.

Further Uniswap stated that such efforts will help the crypto Investors to choose the best secured & decentralised platforms to buy cryptocurrencies without going through any kind of centralised services.

Earlier in November of this year, Uniswap faced significant backlash from crypto investors over the change in the data privacy policy, including the collection and storage of user data. Many people claimed that Uniswap was using decentralised words but changing the Cryptos’ core value concept.

Before this, MetaMask faced significant backlash from users over the privacy policy change. Through the privacy policy changes, MetaMask was willing to make the MetaMask better for the users but due to criticism MetaMask developer company, ConsenSys responded and confirmed that it will never sell the data of any user & also will collect data for up to 7 days under new data privacy policies.

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Uniswap welcomes Card payments for customers



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