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1inch jumps in Crypto wallet business

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Popular Decentralised Exchange 1inch jumped into the Crypto Hardware wallet business.

1inch is a multinational company, which is known for the Defi (Decentralised Finance) protocols development. This company was initially founded in 2020. 1inch is itself also a decentralised exchange and the devs behind this project always work to introduce new & better features in the exchange so that crypto traders can trade their assets easily across different blockchain networks. 

On 19 Jan 2023, 1inch officially announced that the company planned to launch its “Hardware Crypto wallet” so that Crypto investors can put their digital assets with full safety.

1-inch Hardware Wallet will be available in 5 colours and the single-time full charge of its battery will last for 2 weeks. And the most important thing in this wallet is no wire or internet connection, so that wallet users remain away from any kind of hidden scam or hack attack. 

This wallet was developed by an independent team, which is a type of 1-inch subsidiary. The team tried to make every feature fully wireless. For charging, transferring the wallet information can be done wirelessly. 

According to 1inch official, the initial development work on this hardware wallet was started in early 2022 and is planned to launch for sale by the fourth quarter of 2023. Now in the next month, this wallet will go through more development & security enhancement phases.

“Next month, we will be launching the contributor program, so everyone will have an opportunity to improve the device truly on their own,” a 1-inch representative said.

For this, the source code of this wallet will be submitted by the 1inch team on GitHub, so that contributors can help this wallet with their talents.

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1inch jumps in Crypto wallet business



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