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Australia beats El Salvador in terms of total “Bitcoin ATM” kiosks

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Australia now ranks at 4 positions in the world, in terms of maximum number of Bitcoin ATM booths in the world.

“Bitcoin ATM” kiosks are more likely to be fiat ATM booths. At the majority of Bitcoin ATMs, people can easily buy & sell their Bitcoin along with some other flagship crypto assets. In some countries, Bitcoin ATMs are the best way to spend crypto assets & pay bills.

As we know that 2022 was not a good year for the Crypto market because the price of the majority of the Crypto assets plunged by more than 80%. But in that time frame, Australia showed a significant Inclination toward the Crypto sector. In the last three months of 2022, Australia installed a total of 99 Bitcoin ATMs.
Now the total number of Bitcoin ATMs in Australia is 219, which are fully active & usable. This number is 0.6% of the total number of Bitcoin ATM booths in the world.

Australia beats El Salvador in terms of total "Bitcoin ATM" kiosks 3

On the other hand, there are a total of 212 Bitcoin ATM booths in El Salvador. So now El Salvador is lagging behind Australia in terms of Bitcoin-supportive financial tools.
Initially, in September 2021, El Salvador introduced Bitcoin as an official currency for the citizens alongside the US dollar. At that time, El Salvador president Nayib Bukele announced that the country will install a total of 200 Bitcoin ATMs booths in the country.

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To this date, in the whole world, there are only 38,602 Bitcoin ATMs. In 2022, 6,071 ATMs were installed globally. These data of Bitcoin ATMs numbers worldwide are showing that Crypto adoption surging rapidly despite significant financial downfall in the Crypto market.

Opposite of this, Bitcoin ATMs numbers increment globally, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ordered all the Crypto companies to shut down their Bitcoin ATMs. The FCA agency confirmed that no Crypto company was approved to install Bitcoin ATMs in the UK.

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Australia beats El Salvador in terms of total “Bitcoin ATM” kiosks



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