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Binance security team catches an old NFTs hacker

Binance security team catches an old NFTs hacker 2

Binance founder disclosed that the Binance team successfully caught a hacker, who hacked NFTs from the OpenSea platform around an year ago.

Binance is a popular Crypto exchange and stands at the first rank in terms of 24 hours global trade volume on its platform. The current 24 hours’ average trade volume of crypto assets on this platform is $552,229,280,927.

The management team behind this exchange is highly talented, which helps to provide full safety to crypto investors. Binance CEO & founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is also a Crypto personality in this innovative sector, who also remains always in front to deal with new ideas & challenges.

On 17 Jan 2023, CZ took to Twitter to inform his followers that last year a hacker stole NFTs from popular NFTs trade platform OpenSea. And that hacked NFTs were started by a popular Turkish artist.

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Binance CEO said that on behalf of the investigation, the Binance team identified the hacker of that incident and now after a few months of communication he admitted that he was the culprit behind that hack.
Now, that guy has agreed to return the funds, obviously what he made with that NFTs.

One of the Crypto Twitter users asked the Binance CEO whether the OpenSea team was in collaboration with Binance to catch this bad actor, then CZ said that the Binance team did this work independently and also Binance always tries to work with law enforcement, which is not easy for the team everywhere.

Yesterday, Binance CEO taught about Crypto & blockchain technology with Masterclass.

Personally, Binance CEO believes that education is key to Crypto adoption because it helps newbies to fight against scammers & Crypto linked illegal activities.

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Binance security team catches an old NFTs hacker



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