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Justin announces new symbol for TRX coin “₮”

Justin announces new symbol for TRX coin "₮" 4

Justin Sun announced a new symbol for the TRX coin and also explained all the benefits of this symbol. 

Tron is a popular Proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network and TRX is a native coin on the Tron blockchain. The ecosystem of Tron blockchain is available to almost all types of crypto-related services e.g Defi protocols, layer-2 scaling solutions, native stablecoin, etc. Justin Sun is the founder of Tron and also he is the founder of several Crypto projects like JST coin, Sun coin, BTT coin, Win coin, Apenft coin, etc. 

On 11 Jan 2023, Justin Sun took to Twitter to inform the Tron community that is now the official symbol of the TRX coin, which is simple & different from other currencies.

Tron’s founder noted that this symbol will help people easily recognize the TRX coin in any document or financial transaction.

Further, he explained the other benefits associated with this new TRX symbol and noted that it will be easy for all the businesses & software platforms to use.

According to Justin, there are huge numbers of crypto assets & in that situation the TRX coin team took a great decision to adopt a new & unique symbol, easily fight against confusion.

Justin Sun is also the anonymous owner of Huobi Global exchange. To this date, Justin is a senior advisor at this exchange but never admitted that he owns significant shares in Huobi. 

In the last few weeks, Huobi Global was under big controversy. On one side reports claimed that Huobi was forcibly trying to pay salaries to the employees in stablecoins and on the other side the South Korean subsidiary of this exchange decided to take divorce from Huobi Global.

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Justin announces new symbol for TRX coin “₮”



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