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LG’s new partnership will allow consumers to interact with metaverse

LG's new partnership will allow consumers to interact with metaverse 8

LG Electronics established partnerships with Oorbit and Pixelynx to allow the customers to easily interact in different Metaverse.

LG Electronics Inc is a South Korean international electronics company. This company is headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. LG Electronics is a subsidiary of LG Corporation. This company provides home entertainment, mobile communications, home appliances & air solutions, and vehicle components. 

On 5 Jan 2023, Oorbit and Pixelynx,  a company building an integrated music, gaming, and Web3 ecosystem, announced they teamed up with LG electronics to provide interoperable gaming and social experiences directly to LG Smart TVs customers.

As we know, in the present time many companies are working separately on their own Metaverse project with unique concepts, and they will bring these virtual projects to the practical life use case like live concerts or events and also in the gaming sector. 

So here, this partnership will help LG TV users to get all types of Metaverse display services directly to LG smart TV.

Oorbit co-founder & CTO Pooya Koosha said that the company aimed to bring a better interconnection between different parts of Metaverse & virtual worlds so that all the companies can provide a better level of Metaverse experience to the customers. 

Pooya further added:

“Scaling our technology for millions of LG TV customers is the next step in making the metaverse accessible for all.”

Earlier this, in March 2022, LG Electronics officially announced that the company started to work in the Crypto, Blockchain-related software development works to push the goals of its business. 

From Q2 2021 to 2022, many big companies filed multiple types of Crypto, NFTs & Metaverse related trademarks, which hints that the majority of the tech companies are deeply working on Metaverse-based projects and in the incoming years they will provide services virtually to provide a better customer experience.

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LG’s new partnership will allow consumers to interact with metaverse



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