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Shiba project team near to launch of “Shibarium Beta Network”

Shiba project team near to launch of "Shibarium Beta Network" 2

The project team of the Shiba Inu token released a new update regarding the ongoing development works of the “Shibarium blockchain network”.

Shiba Inu token is a popular meme coin, which grabbed significant popularity in the Crypto market because of the shoutout of Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Elon himself is a fan of Dogecoin & he holds Bitcoin, Ethereum & Dogecoin as the best investment assets. Initially, the Shiba Inu token was launched as a meme coin but in the present situation, the  Shiba Inu token is no more a meme; the project team behind this project brought multiple use cases for the SHIB tokens through different protocols. SHIB token is currently available on the Ethereum network and there is no native or official blockchain of this token. 

On 5 Jan 2023, The Shibarium network announced that they are very near to launching the “beta version of Shibarium blockchain” and also they thanked the Shiba Inu community for such support. 

The team also confirmed that they are not working on this project for any other coin and the $BONE token will be the official coin on the network to pay gas fees. They also suggested remaining away from wrong information or news. 

The team stated that the Shibarium blockchain will help to expand & increase the experience of the Shiba Inu token ecosystem and also will support the Shiba Inu token. It means, people will be able to transfer their Shiba Inu tokens via Shibarium network but they will be forced to pay fees in the $BONE tokens. 

The shibarium team further suggested remaining away from the wrong information:

“Please stay alert to official information via our social media and blog portals to always receive the latest updates with accuracy and clarity directly from the source.”

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Shiba project team near to launch of “Shibarium Beta Network”



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