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Solana Mainnet beta Explorer went offline

Solana Mainnet beta Explorer went offline 5

A bug in the Solana Network ecosystem impacted the (RPC) endpoints run by the Solana Foundation.

Solana is a popular blockchain network, which is known for its highly scalable transactions, thanks to the Proof-of-history (PoH) protocol. Also the Solana network also grabbed huge popularity in the Crypto sector because of the multiple bugs, which arose multiple times in the last one year of time period.

On 8 Jan 2023, Solana Status, a Twitter account dedicated to reporting the network status of the Solana blockchain, informed the Crypto Community that Mainnet beta Explorer and Solana Foundation Public RPC endpoints became offline.

The tweet also confirmed that the Solana network & Solana’s new block production is going very well, without any impact of this new bug.

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This will impact the crypto apps and wallets that rely on to connect to the Solana blockchain. Despite the offline Status of Solana RPC, these crypto wallets can use private RPCs offered by third-party firms.

Solana & Bugs

This was not the first time when Solana network faced a big issue. Earlier this, in the last year of the time frame the network went through multiple bug issues. And also the network went offline 7 times.
Such types of technical issues in the Solana network will surely impact the confidence of the Sol coin, a native coin on the Solana network, investors.

At the time of writing this article, the price of Sol coin is $13.53 and this price is 2.15% high over the last 24 hours’ trade price. This means Sol coin is still far from this negative news.

Solana Mainnet beta Explorer went offline 4

In the last couple of months, one side market situation impacted the price of this coin & the other side biggest Sol coin supporter Crypto exchange FTX downfall caused a big panic among crypto investors. In the last 3 months, sol plunged by approximately 58.4%.

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Solana Mainnet beta Explorer went offline



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