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Tron founder says Chinese money will help to bring new Crypto bull run

Tron founder says Chinese money will help to bring new Crypto bull run 2

Justin Sun predicted that the Chinese economy will be mainly responsible for bringing the next Crypto bull run. 

Justin Sun is a Chinese Crypto entrepreneur. He founded many crypto projects and also invested money in several Crypto projects like Huobi Global Crypto exchange, Tron, JST coin, Win coin, BTT coin, Sun coin, Poloniex exchange, etc. Justin always remains active in the Crypto Twitter community to promote his Crypto projects.

On 29 Jan 2023, A Crypto Twitter user posted a tweet and claimed that the US Crypto market will not push a crypto bull run, instead Chinese money will help to bring bull sentiment in the market like old days. 

Tron founder Justin Sun quoted that tweeted and said that it is a very big fact and for this reason he is planning to shift to Hong Kong, a specially administered region of China. 

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Justin also said that experts also believe that Hong Kong will be responsible for bringing the next bull cycle and Huobi Global & Tron (TRX) will lead the Crypto market in Hong Kong.

Justin Sun & controversy

In the past few years already many reports claimed that Justin used his power to launch multiple digital assets to make money. 

In late 2021, Justin stepped down from all kinds of crypto-related business to become a diplomat in Grenada but nowadays we can’t see any kind of information in the bio of his Twitter account.

It seems that he is no longer a diplomat in any country and also he is now again serious about the Crypto industry to do business. For example, just a few months ago, Justin anonymously purchased a majority of the stakes in the Huobi Global exchange.

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Tron founder says Chinese money will help to bring new Crypto bull run



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