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Tron will work on Crypto & AI development together

Tron will work on Crypto & AI development together 2

Justin Sun announced that the Tron team will work on artificial intelligence (AI) technology focussed development works, along with Crypto.

Tron is a Proof-of-stake (PoS) model-based blockchain network, known for its fast Crypto transactions via its network. Justin Sun is the founder of Tron blockchain and in the present time, Justin is a diplomat in Grenada, as a part to fulfil his dream. In late 2021, Justin stepped down from the Tron project but confirmed that he will keep promoting & talk about Crypto projects he founded or funded. 

On 29 Jan 2023, Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce that Tron company will establish an Artificial intelligence (AI) team, which will conduct development & research works on AI and further Integrate AI & Crypto technology.

“TRON   expanding its A.I. strategy! #TRON    is set to establish an A.I. research team and partner with big A.I. players to take advantage of the potential for A.I. and crypto to work together,” Justin said.

Tron’s founder believes that AI could bring a better situation for blockchain technology to evolve because here AI will help to enhance the decentralised nature of the Crypto environment.

Some experts believe that AI is standing at a better level in the tech industry and this technology can replace almost all kinds of online work. In short, the adoption & innovations of AI technology may result in a very big unemployment rate in the world because it will do the job of multiple people at once.

Just a few months ago, the ChatGPT chatbot was launched. After the launch of ChatGPT for public use, as a part of testing, many Crypto Twitter users showed significant Inclination toward ChatGPT AI tech tools and asked many questions e.g. from writing an original Music song to an original software code. 

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Tron will work on Crypto & AI development together



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