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US govt agency launches a website for FTX fraud victims

US govt agency launches a website for FTX fraud victims 2

Now FTX customers can easily communicate with the US government authorities over the loss & fraud that they faced because of FTX’s bankruptcy. 

FTX was a popular Crypto exchange and its services were available globally. In the United States, FTX was providing services through an independent subsidiary FTXUS. In the first week of Nov 2022, the FTX exchange collapsed with the majority of its subsidiaries including Alameda Research & FTXUS. On 11 Nov, FTX filed for bankruptcy in a US bankruptcy court under the chapter 11 code. 

On 6 Jan 2023, Through an official press release, The US prospectors urged the FTX customers to email directly via the provided email address, if they think that they are one of the victims of FTX fraud. 

With this latest initiative, the US prosecutors want to save the rights of the people and want to save them against what they lost with the FTX exchange. 

Besides these things, FTX fraud victims can directly communicate with the prosecution team with a dedicated website. Opposite of these things, few experts noted that victims of FTX frauds are in the millions and it will not be easy to handle the mails of the huge numbers of mail requests individually.

FTX exchange cooperation with government agencies 

The headquarter of the FTX was in the Bahamas but the team filed for bankruptcy in a US bankruptcy court. So these things act as a catalyst to create conflict between the jurisdiction of the two countries. 

John Ray III, the new CEO of this bankrupt exchange, has agreed to cooperate with the Bahamas Supreme Court-appointed Joint Provisional Liquidators. 

According to a 6 Jan press release, the FTX exchange stated that it will work its best to fight against the unethical financial transactions and will try its best to recover all the funds, lost on behalf of the FTX former officials. 

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US govt agency launches a website for FTX fraud victims



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