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Yuga Labs Discloses Its Mailchimp Account Was Compromised

Yuga Labs Discloses Its Mailchimp Account Was Compromised 4

The MailChimp account of Yuga Labs was compromised under a possible hack attack on the MailChimp platform. 

MailChimp is a popular email marketing platform. This platform was founded by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong in 2021. In the recent few weeks, it has been found that the MailChimp account of multiple online websites & businesses was accessed by an unauthorised anonymous actor. 

On 19 Jan 2023, Yuga Labs, a team behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, CryptoPunks & Ape coin, disclosed on Twitter that its MailChimp account was compromised.

Yuga Labs noted that the account contained only some emails related to promotion & campaigns. In short, Yuga Labs claimed that no critical information was hacked.

To clarify this matter & maintain the trust of its MailChimp subscribers, Yuga Labs confirmed that no data was exported from its account. And also confirmed that if any suspicious activity will be found by the team then it will individually inform that user through the mail.

Earlier this, on 15 Jan 2023, we reported that the MailChimp account of the Solana foundation, a non-profit organisation behind Sol coin, was accessed by an unauthorised actor. Foundation suggested its subscribers remain aware of any kind of phishing attack, despite the data exported from its MailChimp account was not critical. 

Before the Solana foundation, the Gemini crypto exchange first talked about a similar kind of incident that it faced in late Dec 2022. The Gemini team noted that its customers’ data was exported from the MailChimp account unethically. So Gemini stated that users should remain away from any kind of suspicious activity like phishing attacks. 

Such types of increasing hack attacks on MailChimp accounts is showing that someone found a loophole in the MailChimp services, which allows that bad actor to access the MailChimp account of any MailChimp customer. However, it will be early to comment on this matter because the services of MailChimp are known as the most trusted online marketing platform.

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Yuga Labs Discloses Its Mailchimp Account Was Compromised



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