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10,000 crypto assets will collapse, says Kevin O’Leary

10,000 crypto assets will collapse, says Kevin O'Leary 15

Shark Tank celebrity noted that thousands of crypto assets will disappear from the crypto sector because of worthless use. 

Kevin O’Leary is a popular Canadian businessman. Initially, he was a Crypto critic but later he jumped in the Bitcoin vehicle. To this date, he researches new & old crypto projects to invest the money instead of blindly following any kind of news or hype. To this date, Kevin is very popular in the whole world because of the Shark Tank show. 

On 7 Feb 2023, Kevin O’Leary appeared in an interview with Scott Melker and talked about two main things which are running silently in the Crypto sector.

First of all, he said that Binance Investors should be worried because regulators in the world are looking into the Crypto exchange. 

Kevin said that he doesn’t hold his crypto asset on any unregulated crypto exchange because to this date majority of the government regulatory bodies are actively looking into the crypto exchanges. 

The Canadian businessman said that the situation is not all about the United States but is the same all over the world and also he believes that Binance will handle any kind of situation with any regulatory body at any cost because there is a very big value.

Further Shark Tank star noted that there are more than 10,000 crypto assets in the crypto sector and all these are worthless because of no significant use case. According to him, all such crypto assets will collapse to zero in the future.

“10,000 tokens, most of them worthless – they’ll eventually just go to zero because of lack of volatility and lack of volume. They’re irrelevant,” Kevin said.

It is worth it to note that there are approximately 22.4k crypto assets in the crypto sector, as per information available on the popular contracting website Coinmarketcap. So if Kevin is right, then 50% of the crypto assets will disappear from the sector.

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10,000 crypto assets will collapse, says Kevin O’Leary



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