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BinanceUS adds support for Shiba inu token officially

BinanceUS adds support for Shiba inu token officially 3

The US-based crypto exchange Binance listed popular Dogecoin rival Shiba inu token (Shib).

BinanceUS is a fully independent subsidiary of the Binance crypto exchange. This exchange was launched in September 2019 and is headquartered in California. Binance.US was established to provide crypto trading services for the US crypto sector and adhere to U.S. regulations. To this date, Binance offers trading of 120 flagship crypto assets.

On 25 Feb 2023, BinanceeUS announced the listing of the Shiba inu token (SHIB) and also acknowledged the use of Shib on the ShibaSwap Defi protocol.

Earlier this BinanceUS launched Kilo Shiba Inu (KSHIB) on the platform so that crypto Investors can easily buy Shiba inu tokens for US dollars. 

1 KSHIB token = 1,000 SHIB tokens, which means all the BinanceUS customers, who were holding KSHIB tokens, will get SHIB tokens corresponding to holdings as a part of this official listing. 

Shibarium blockchain

Initially Shiba inu token emerged as a meme coin, which means no use case, but now to this date Shiba inu token is a flagship crypto project. Under this project, devs are working on a layer-2 scaling network “Shibarium”. 

On the new blockchain network, the Shiba inu token will be supported but the native token will be the $Bone token. 

On 16 Jan 2023, Shiba inu project team confirmed that the team is very close to launching the beta version of the Shibarium blockchain.

In the past, many crypto experts criticised the Shiba inu project team. They noted that the team is taking advantage of its token popularity and they are creating another coin to make more profit instead of bringing more use cases for Shiba inu tokens.

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BinanceUS adds support for Shiba inu token officially



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