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OKX BOTS dismisses rumours about its business sale dismisses rumours about its business sale 4

A spokesperson confirmed that the company was not planning to sell any part of its services. is a popular crypto platform which was initially providing non-custodial Bitcoin wallet services in the crypto sector. To this date, this platform provides multiple coin supported wallet & trade services, including NFTs trading via the OpenSea platform. In 2021, officials also disclosed that they planned to go public in the next few years. 

In the last few weeks, many reports claimed that is facing a very bad financial situation, so its leadership team is planning to sell its business partially or fully and for this reason, they are in talks with multiple crypto companies. 

On 18 Feb 2023, A official spoke with the popular Crypto news media Cointelegraph and confirmed that standing in a better position & no business is on sale. 

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“No businesses are for sale. is an asset buyer, not a seller,” a spokesperson said. & speculations 

The revenue model of is almost independent of other crypto companies but it will be obvious that this company faced a downfall in revenue as the crypto market is running in the winter phase. 

In January of this year, laid off 28% of its workforce to maintain its financial position & reduce the company’s expenses. 

Secondly, this crypto firm is also raising funds since October 2022 at a valuation of approximately $3 billion to $4 billion and reportedly the company will use that fund to survive in the winter phase. In the latest, the spokesperson failed to talk about capital raising efforts.

The services of this crypto company are available in 200 countries and have 37 million verified customers using 86 million wallets. 

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