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Crypto project GhostbyMcAfee shifts its focus on Polygon

Crypto project GhostbyMcAfee shifts its focus on Polygon 4

The devs team behind Ghost coin decided to shift the development work to the Polygon chain, instead of the Cardano network.

Ghost is a Proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency, which was initially founded by late Crypto proponent John McAfee in 2020 on the ERC-20 network. The main aim of Ghost coin was privacy for the holders. Before Ghost coin & Ghost chain, McAfee also founded a decentralised exchange “McAfeeDeX” in 2019. McAfee was also planning to launch a smartphone data service so that people can use mobile phones without any risk to their privacy but in 2021, unfortunately he committed suicide in prison. 

On 10 Feb 2023, The Ghost coin devs team informed the Ghost coin community that devs will hold their development work on Cardano and now they will develop a two-way bridge on the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Polygon blockchain.

The Ghost coin team failed to explain the reason behind this decision but a few Crypto Twitter users claimed that Polygon has a better promotional strategy than Cardano and this is the reason why the Ghost team shifted focus away from Cardano. 

Crypto proponent McAfee & fraud charges

Initially when John McAfee started to talk about Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies then at that time there was no big personality or government official in support of cryptocurrencies. 

At that time, McAfee was using his popularity as a founder of a popular AntiVirus software company. Usually, he was charging millions in return to tweet about new crypto projects. 

In October 2020 he was arrested in Spain over tax evasion & Crypto fraud charges in the US. Later he admitted all the crimes that he did with his popularity. In 2021 he was found dead in his jail cabin. Reportedly he committed suicide but her wife claimed it was not a suicide. 

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Crypto project GhostbyMcAfee shifts its focus on Polygon



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