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Hardware crypto wallet Ledger adds support for Trust wallet

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Trust wallet announced an official technical level collaboration with popular hardware wallet service provider Ledger.

Trust wallet is a popular decentralized & self custody focussed crypto wallet. Initially this wallet was founded in 2017 but launched in 2018 but in the same year top crypto exchange Binance acquired this non-custodial crypto wallet service. After its acquisition, Binance introduced its Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network as a main blockchain and also added a Decentralised exchange (Dex) system to allow decentralised trading easily for the Trust wallet users.

Just a couple of days ago, the Trust wallet team announced that the Ledger hardware wallet added support for the Trust wallet officially.
So, now Trust wallet users will be able to access their Trust wallet’s crypto accounts on the ledger wallet.

Earlier this, Trust wallet’ parent company Binance crypto exchange established partnership with Ledger wallet to allow Ledger users to get Binance’s crypto services directly through the Ledger wallet on their desktop mode easily.

TWT Price action

TWT (trust wallet token) is the native token of the Trust wallet. To trade or transfer any crypto asset on the Trust wallet, the wallet holder requires BNB coin on Bep20 (BSC network). So technically we can say TWT is no more a native token of the Trust wallet but still has significant buyers in the crypto sector because of Binance exchange.

The current trade price of the TWT token is $1.4 & this trade price is 3.59% high over the last 24 hours’ trade price.

Hardware crypto wallet Ledger adds support for Trust wallet 1

TWT price graph is showing that this news surely acted as a catalyst to pump price to some extent.

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Hardware crypto wallet Ledger adds support for Trust wallet



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