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Huobi exchange introduces FUD token to help FTX creditors

Huobi exchange introduces FUD token to help FTX creditors 4

Huobi Global launched “FUD token” to help Crypto Investors who lost their money on the FTX exchange. Huobi & its owner Justin Sun facing criticism over possible securities law violations.

FUD token is a newly launched crypto asset, which is available on the Tron blockchain network. Currently, this token is available to trade on the Huobi Global crypto exchange. On 6 Feb 2023, Huobi promised to allow the FUD token holders to withdraw the FUD tokens from the exchange. The basic aim of this coin is to help the crypto investors, who lost their funds on the collapsed crypto exchange FTX. 

Debt DAO is the project team behind the FUD token and initially, they introduced 20 million FUD tokens in the supply and the value of each FUD token is equal to $1. On behalf of the total FTX debt amount, Debt Dao will insert more circulation of FUD tokens in the market, in addition to the 20 million supply. 

Justin Sun, the advisor at Huobi exchange, said that the FUD token will help to boost the confidence of the crypto investors & also help the growth of the industry in a positive direction.

Meanwhile few bad actors in the crypto sector showed their bad activity to scam people via new FUD tokens on the Ethereum network. Crypto analytic & security platform Peckshield warned people to remain away from fake FUD tokens.

A Singaporean finance lawyer shared his opinion on this token and noted that the token use case is a clear breach of the securities Act. 

Few people noted that Justin Sun or any team behind this token will not face any legal action because the majority of the Securities regulatory body in the world are not in the mood to talk about crypto assets. 

Tron founder Justin is a Chinese origin person but now he is living in Grenada, where he is now a citizen and a diplomat. so here it is clear that he will not face any regulatory heat because of such activities.

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Huobi exchange introduces FUD token to help FTX creditors



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