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Huobi planning to relocate its Asia headquarters to Hong Kong

Huobi planning to relocate its Asia headquarters to Hong Kong 13

Huobi Global is planning to relocate its headquarters from Singapore to Hong Kong amid the increasing crypto-supportive stance of the Hong Kong authorities. 

Huobi Global is a popular 19th ranked crypto exchange. Initially, this exchange was founded as a Chinese crypto company but later shifted its businesses outside of China, as the Chinese Central Bank imposed a blanket ban on Cryptocurrencies. At present, Huobi is headquartered in Singapore but has offices in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Huobi became a public company in Hong Kong, in 2018. 

On 20 Feb 2023, Justin Sun, a leading advisor at Huobi exchange, disclosed that Huobi Global is seeking to relocate its Asia headquarters from Singapore to Hong Kong. 

On Twitter, Justin said that Huobi applied with the Hong Kong watchdog to get a crypto trading licence and further Huobi will focus on providing crypto trading services to Institutional & wealthy customers, as retail crypto trading is not allowed in Hong Kong.

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Huobi Global’s advisor also confirmed that Huobi Global will launch a dedicated local exchange in Hong Kong, to remain fully compliant with the regulation system. 

Justin Sun: Anonymous owner of Huobi Global 

Justin Sun promotes Huobi Global exchange and he is officially an advisor at Huobi exchange but he never admitted that he is the dominant stakeholder in the Huobi exchange. 

In late 2022, many reports noted that Justin was a dominant owner in the Huobi exchange. 

Justin is the owner, Investor & founder of many crypto exchanges & cryptocurrencies. He is the dominant Investor & co-founder of Trx coin, JST coin, Sun coin, BTT coin, NFT coin, Win coin, etc. 

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Huobi planning to relocate its Asia headquarters to Hong Kong



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