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Turkey officially accepting Crypto donation against its own laws

Turkey officially accepting Crypto donation against its own laws 4

Against the country’s law, Turkey’s watchdog is ready to collect crypto assets to help the earthquake victims.

Yesterday, two earthquakes shook Turkey & Syria. Reportedly 1,700 people have died in the earthquake and thousands of people are in a terrible situation & struggling to get help despite all the government organisations doing their best to rescue these earthquake victims. 

On 7 Feb 2023, Haluk Levent, a popular Turkish singer, took to Twitter to ask his followers whether he should open a Crypto account with his name to accept crypto donations, as huge numbers of people & his fans are willing to donate in cryptocurrencies.

82% of Crypto Twitter users welcomed the idea of Levent. Interestingly crypto donation will act as a Crypto legal tender and that will be against the country’s law. 

Levent reached out to the country’s financial agency MASAK to get permission. Under this critical situation, MASAK green signalled the Levent’s proposal and allowed him to open three crypto wallets  to receive crypto donations.

In the present time, these mentioned crypto addresses are holding $140,000 (nearly 2.5 million Turkish Lira) worth of crypto funds. 

In this critical situation, the majority of the Crypto exchanges jumped in support of Turkey’s earthquake victims. Almost all the leading crypto exchanges pledged to help Turkey in their ways to rescue all the people.

Earlier this, in the Russia vs Ukraine conflict, the Crypto industry jumped in support of Ukraine. The Ukrainian finance minister was openly accepting crypto donations to boost the armour & food supply to the Ukrainian military.

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Turkey officially accepting Crypto donation against its own laws



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