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UK Government AI Advisor Joins CryptoGPT

UK Government AI Advisor Joins CryptoGPT 17

The CryptoGPT team succeeded in bringing an influential person to its Artificial intelligence (AI) crypto project.

CryptoGPT is a new crypto project, which is focused on bringing a perfect model of Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to the internet world with the help of blockchain technology & redemption of crypto token “GPT” as a use case. In short, CryptoGPT is based on the current crypto trend which is AI technology.

On 25 Feb 2023, the CryptoGPT team informed the crypto community that Bradley Tafe joined the CryptoGPT project. Bradley is a  UK Government & Ministry Advisor on AI & other emerging data-related technologies. 

In the CryptoGPT project, Bradley will contribute his talent to guide the team to go via a perfect methodology to collect data & perfect use of those data in AI models. 

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AI wave 

Every year, the crypto industry welcomes a new trend and this trend helps to bring a big profit for those who can understand these trends in the early phase as an early Investor. 

It seems that the current trend in the crypto sector is AI technology-inclined crypto projects. 

Recently popular crypto project Tron blockchain also jumped into AI development works. 

The Tron team announced a $100 million allocation in the AI focussed development work in full collaboration with the Tron blockchain technology.

Recently Tesla CEO & Dogecoin fan Elon Musk talked about these AI chatbots and said that we need non-censored AI chatbots.

Many crypto proponents noted that the majority of the currently available AI chatbots are centralised & chatbot response information are censored/manipulated but these issues can be solved with the help of blockchain technology. 

Note: Don’t consider this news article as financial advice because all this information & views are based on the author’s personal opinions.

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UK Government AI Advisor Joins CryptoGPT



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