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Former YouTube Gaming head says we will see mass adoption of Web3 games

Former YouTube Gaming head says we will see mass adoption of Web3 games 5

Ryan Wyatt shared his opinion on the future Crypto Web3 adoption in the gaming sector, despite Crypto NFTs getting backlash from the gaming community. 

Polygon is a popular Proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network. Over the last few years, Polygon emerged as the best Ethereum layer-2 scaling network. Polygon Labs, the engineering team behind the Polygon network, covers development activities in NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse along with crypto development works. 

Recently Ryan Wyatt, the president of Polygon Labs & former YouTube gaming head, appeared in a podcast with Decrypt media and he talked about the role of Web3 in the gaming sector.

Ryan said that it is only a matter of time because the next two years will bring better adoption of Web3 technology in the gaming sector.

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“By the time we see mass adoption of Web3 games, really, out in a couple of years, the friction that you see today I think will largely be gone. Not entirely, but gamers are the savviest tech group—so they’ll be the earliest adopters,” Ryan said.

So far dozens of companies introduced tradable NFTs concepts in games but the majority of them faced criticism from the gaming sector. In contrast, Ryan believes there is a need to work strongly on Web3 gaming to justify attention & attract player investment.

Further Polygon Labs President said that in coming years we will also learn us how to implement blockchain technology more perfectly in the gaming sector. 

According to Ryan, the Polygon team should work behind the gaming technology & structure and never try to promote crypto & blockchain technology in the games. He also explained via an example of the “Call of Duty game” and noted that no one says “Call of Duty” games on Google cloud or Amazon’s AWS. 

In short, Ryan thinks the introduction of tradable game characters & items in the game with the Web3 feature will bring a better situation for the gamers to have their freedom in the game and further it will push gaming on the blockchain technology. 

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Former YouTube Gaming head says we will see mass adoption of Web3 games



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