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Kiyosaki says inflation will surge more, impact Bitcoin price

Kiyosaki says inflation will surge more, impact Bitcoin price 14

Robert Kiyosaki claimed that the US Fed is not doing proper work to revive the failed US banks and Indirectly noted that it will push inflation to hyperinflation phase.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular financial educator. In the whole world, he is famous for his personal finance education book “Rich Dad Poor Dad ”. His book is available in almost every language and Kiyosaki’s finance companies provide personal financial advice to people. Kiyosaki himself is a lover of Bitcoin, Gold & Silver, as he believes in these assets as best investment assets. 

On 19 March 2023, Robert Kiyosaki appeared in a new video podcast on his YouTube channel “The Rich Dad Channel”. 

Kiyosaki said that inflation status in the present time is systematic and people should pay attention to this situation in advance because they will be required to pay prices shortly. 

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Just a few weeks ago, the Federal Reserve (Fed) assured citizens that current inflationary pressure on the US economy is temporary and soon it will subside. 

The financial author said that the Fed is not presenting the whole situation with full transparency & indeed they are lying.

“Inflation is now systemic. You will pay more and more next year than we are after. When that guy Powell, who is the Fed chairman today, says inflation is transitory, he was lying through his teeth,” Kiyosaki said.

Kiyosaki also said that shortly we will see another spike in inflation, as some big US banks collapsed. He claimed that the Fed will print fake money to revive the failed banks, instead of using government revenue. 

In short, Kiyosaki believes that the government will only increase the US dollar money supply in the US economy to help these banks, which is not the best decision because it will only result in another pressure on the citizens. 

Earlier on 13 March 2023, Kiyosaki talked about a similar kind of personal opinion and said that the Fed will print more fake prints to bailbout failed banks. He suggested people buy Bitcoin, Gold, silver, etc. 

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Kiyosaki says inflation will surge more, impact Bitcoin price



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