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Tornado Cash contributor launches best Tornado alternative

Tornado Cash contributor launches best Tornado alternative 2

Ameen Soleimani is working to create a sequel of Tornado Cash, which will be also allowed for the US-based crypto investors at least until US authorities will take any action.

Tornado Cash is a popular Ethereum blockchain-supported crypto mixing platform, which was popular in the crypto sector. In late 2022, the US OFAC imposed a ban on the use of Tornado Cash. According to US authorities’ investigation, bad actors used Tornado Cash to launder huge amounts of money easily even though the Tornado devs team was there to prohibit the engagement of bad actors. At that time, many dominant people in the crypto sector opposed the US OFAC sanction on Tornado.

Ameen Soleimani, one of the early Tornado Cash contributors, announced that he is very near to launching a new crypto mixing tool “Privacy Pools”

Privacy Pools is an alternative to Tornado Cash but with new features.

Through this new anonymous focussed crypto wallet, users will able to receive crypto funds anonymously & also will be able to send that funds with full anonymity but when users click the option to withdraw funds, they can generate a zero-knowledge proof which publicly shows they are not using a criminal blockchain address, but without revealing who they are.

It is worth noting that the new crypto mixer will not restrict its users from receiving any illegal activities linked crypto transactions, so basically, this platform is also neutral & bad actors will still be able to launder funds. So if the core team behind this new crypto mixer platform can introduce restrictions on illegal Crypto transactions then surely it will not face any legal hurdles.

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Tornado Cash contributor launches best Tornado alternative



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