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Dogecoin co-founder says Crypto investment leads mental illness

Dogecoin co-founder says Crypto investment leads mental illness 4

Billy Markus once again showed his disappointment with the crypto sector and said the crypto investment is only increasing mental illness. 

Billy Markus is a co-founder of Dogecoin, a popular meme coin in the crypto sector. In Dec 2013, Markus launched Dogecoin with his friend Jackson Palmer. Before 2020, Dogecoin was a dead coin but Elon Musk jumped in support of this coin & made it a top 10 ranked crypto asset by market cap. 

On 22 April 2023, Billy Markus said that he believes that Investing in cryptocurrencies is a mental illness, and according to him this is increasing.

Dogecoin co-founder also criticised NFTs investment and said that investment in NFTs leads to more mental illness over crypto investment.

Recently a new crypto token $Pepe emerged as a popular meme coin in this sector. Markus also dragged such meme tokens as a threat to the traditional concept of cryptocurrencies.

Earlier in 2022, Markus revealed that he stopped investment in cryptocurrencies just after the Dogecoin launch & its popularity.

Another Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer is also a crypto critic. Once he said that Web3, NFTs, & blockchain technology use doesn’t require Crypto assets but still crypto projects are forcibly introducing crypto assets use case in internet tech innovations. 

At the time, Palmer slammed Crypto Web3 innovations in the crypto sector.

“I think it’s (Web 3.0) a hammer in search of a nail, and it doesn’t provide much value back to society in any meaningful way.”

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Dogecoin co-founder says Crypto investment leads mental illness



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