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Justin Sun Denies Binance vs Huobi Global Controversy

Justin Sun Denies Binance vs Huobi Global Controversy 14

Tron’s founder confirmed that Huobi Global never reached out to Binance exchange to sell Huobi stakes. 

Justin Sun is the founder & Investor in several crypto projects. He is known for Tron (TRX), Jst coin, Sun coin, Winklink coin, ApeNFT coin, BitTorrent coin, and Poloniex exchange. In the present time, he is senior advisor at Huobi Exchange and reportedly he owns the majority of the stakes in Huobi Global Exchange but he never admitted such reports.

On 5 April 2023, Coindesk news media reported that an anonymous source told that Justin was trying to sell his Huobi stakes to Binance exchange but Binance rejected his offer. 

Tron founder Justin responded against this news and confirmed that the report is wrong and also confirmed that Binance & Huobi are in a healthy partnership to grow in this sector.

Earlier on 1 April, Justin tried to fool his followers, where he said that Huobi Global was looking to sell some of its stakes to raise funds but on the same day, he confirmed that it was not more than an April fool joke.

Rumors in the crypto sector post FTX bankruptcy 

In Nov 2022, the second-ranked popular crypto exchange FTX collapsed badly and in the same month, he filed bankruptcy under the Chapter 11 code in a US district court. 

After the meltdown of the FTX exchange, almost every Crypto exchange faced negative news.

Huobi Global,, Binance, and Kraken were the top crypto companies to face negative impacts after the downfall of FTX. But transparent & proper financial operations by these companies helped them to survive easily.

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Justin Sun Denies Binance vs Huobi Global Controversy



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