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Larry Lepard says people will go to Bitcoin as the US dollar collapses

Larry Lepard says people will go to Bitcoin as the US dollar collapses 14

Larry Lepard explained that people are now wise enough and they came to know that fiat currencies are now losing value and in this situation, Bitcoin & Gold investments are the best options.

On 11 April 2023, Larry Lepard, founder and managing partner at Equity Management Associates, appeared in an interview with Kitco News and there he shared his opinion on the current situation of the world economy including the US economy.

Lepard said that now it is fully clear that the US dollar will continue its decades-long spiral of depreciation and surely it will result in a better outcome for hard assets like Bitcoin & Gold. 

According to Equity Management Associates’ managing partner, people are now wise enough and are aware that fiat currencies are losing their value and now they are also figuring out the best investment asset to save money from devaluation.

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Further, Lepard said that wise people will move toward hard assets & property but they will not plan to buy those bond assets which are backed by the government because they’re already failing to maintain their currency.

On the Bitcoin vs Gold comparison, Lepard said that the supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million but this case is not similar for Gold.

According to Lepard, Bitcoin will grab more benefits over Gold, as an increment in Gold price will further impose pressure to increase Gold mining.

“If gold goes to $10,000 tomorrow, we’re going to mine more gold. There’s just no doubt because we know where it is, it’s just not economic to get it out of the ground,” Lepard said.

Furthermore, explanation by Lepard pointed out that people will shift themselves to Bitcoin assets to save themself from this situation and it will pump the price of Bitcoin & probably it will hit $100,000 & further $1 million.

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Larry Lepard says people will go to Bitcoin as the US dollar collapses



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