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MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchases 1,045 BTC

MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchases 1,045 BTC 27

Now Bitcoin bullish business intelligence firm Microstrategy holds 1,40,000 Bitcoins. 

MicroStrategy is a Nasdaq-listed public company. In 2020, this company started purchasing Bitcoin under the leadership of Michael Saylor. In Q3 2022, Saylor stepped down from the company’s CEO role & became executive chairman. At that time, the former Microstrategy CEO confirmed that he decided to quit the CEO position so that he can give full time to Bitcoin-focused initiatives for the company. 

On 5 April 2023, Michael Saylor shared the latest company’s filing & confirmed that the company purchased another 1,045 BTC and now Microstrategy holds a total of 140,000 BTC for ~$4.17 billion at an average price of $29,803 per bitcoin.

Earlier this in March 2023, Saylor confirmed Microstrategy purchased ~6,455 bitcoins for ~$150M at an average of ~$23,238 per bitcoin and also paid its $205M Silvergate loan at a 22% discount.

Bitcoin price

The current price of Bitcoin is $28,056 & this trade phase price has been 25% high over the last 30 days of trade price. 

MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchases 1,045 BTC 25

The current Bitcoin fear & greed index is 63, which means people are bullish to buy Bitcoin under the current market situation.

MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchases 1,045 BTC 26

Since January of this year, the price of Bitcoin is continuously surging rapidly because of the surging banking crisis in the United States (US). Crypto investors are looking at Bitcoin investment as the best choice, as traditional financial systems fail to provide healthy financial services.

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MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchases 1,045 BTC



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