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Only 2% of Americans are extremely confident with crypto deals: Report

Only 2% of Americans are extremely confident with crypto deals: Report 6

A new study revealed that American citizens are facing a lack of confidence in their crypto-related buy & sell activities.

In the present time, crypto adoption is surging in the whole world and this adoption rate is very high among those people who look for opportunities to make money from online financial activities. Over the last 4-5 years, the crypto sector emerged as the best investment vehicle for people to get rich.

Recently Pew Research Center surveyed American citizens to find out the confidence level of their crypto investment & linked activities.

The study revealed that the majority of people aged 50 years are not friendly (85%) toward this sector, while 66% of people under young age are confident at some level with the crypto sector.

17% of the participants admitted that they traded crypto assets once in their life. 41% of male respondents aged 18 to 29 years said that they have invested in crypto assets, while the same figure is 16% among females. In short Inclination of women toward the crypto sector is 2.5 times less than males. 

The study also noted that the interest of people in the crypto sector changed significantly on behalf of their corresponding financial status & their belonging communities. For example, 24% of the Asian respondents and 21% of the Black and Hispanic ones said they have jumped into the ecosystem. In comparison, only 14% of White adults have done so.

Shockingly 90% of the respondents said that they heard about Bitcoin or related types of assets once in their life, while 75% of respondents admitted that they are not confident with this digital asset class in terms of security & reliability. 

Among these respondents, only 4% of people admitted that they are extremely confident with this asset class and 6% said that they are very confident in dealing with cryptocurrencies. 

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Only 2% of Americans are extremely confident with crypto deals: Report



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