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Crypto investigator flagged “scammer crypto influencer” (smokezXBT)

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A Crypto investigator noted that a crypto influencer with over 60k subscribers easily scammed his followers via an easy rug & pull scheme. 

ZachXBT is a popular crypto investigator, who works for free to find out bad actors in the crypto sector. Over the last few years, he easily caught several bad actors who were involved in illegal/suspicious/scam crypto transactions. 

On 1 May 2023, ZachXBT reported that a crypto Twitter influencer (username @smokezXBT) promoted a new bird meme coin with several fake promises-based promotional stunts and further pulled out his money from that crypto project. 

Crypto influencer responded on this matter and alleged that he is himself one of the victims of that meme crypto project because the project team hired him to promote the project but they failed to pay a penny for his work. In short, the crypto influencer claimed that he was deceived by the meme coin startup team.

ZachXBT claimed that the crypto influencer is making excuses to keep himself away from this big scam. 

Another crypto influencer reported that @smokezXBT tried to contact him to promote his ponzi meme token project for a big amount of new meme token rewards.

Because of the surging popularity of the rug & pul crypto scam in the crypto sector, the Dogecoin founder Billy Markus responded and jokily said that he will put his money to rug his own money to make money. 

These types of incidents are a lesson for crypto investors and every crypto Investor should remain aware of such new crypto projects and only place a big bet on the top 10 crypto assets.

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Crypto investigator flagged “scammer crypto influencer” (smokezXBT)



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