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US presidential candidate Kennedy Jr. will accept Bitcoin donation 

US presidential candidate Kennedy Jr. will accept Bitcoin donation  10

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is going to be the first unique US presidential candidate, who will accept Cryptocurrency donations during campaigns.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is a 68 years old American environmental lawyer, member of the Kennedy family, 2024 Democratic Party presidential candidate, and writer who has promoted anti-vaccine propaganda. He also advocates against health-related conspiracy theories, as per available history on Wikipedia. 

During the Bitcoin 2023 in Miami, US presidential candidate announced that he will accept donations in Bitcoin also, as an alternative option for the people who want to support him through Bitcoin donations during the campaign. 

Kennedy Jr. is the nephew of the 35th President of the U.S. John F. Kennedy, so here we can understand that he has a better level of potential to show his power in the upcoming presidential elections in 2024. 

During the announcement of Bitcoin donation acceptance, the environmental lawyer said that the Bitcoin community showed the flexibility & durability of Bitcoin to the world and also appreciated Bitcoin as a freedom tool for the people.

Further, he added:

“They’re passionate because of the deep representation of a deep need that we have for liberty and democracy and the promise that this innovation has to guarantee those virtues.”

It is worth it to note that the current situation is not good for the crypto sector in the US jurisdiction, for the last 6 months. The top crypto companies faced enforcement actions without proper clarity of the law’s violation. 

It is worth it to note that more than 21% of the population of the US invests in cryptocurrencies, so it will be better for this US presidential candidate to grab support from more than 25% of citizens, as crypto lovers will push non-crypto guys to vote for crypto friendly candidate. 

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US presidential candidate Kennedy Jr. will accept Bitcoin donation



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