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Bloomberg analyst says Bitcoin may crash to $20k

Bloomberg analyst says Bitcoin may crash to $20k 19

Mike McGlone said that approval of BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF can’t save Bitcoin from the first US recession.

At present, crypto investors are highly confident with the Bitcoin investment, as BlackRock is very near to getting regulatory approval from the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) for its Bitcoin spot ETF application, and also four other assets managers filed for Bitcoin spot ETFs applications with the SEC agency. 

Following the news of the Bitcoin spot ETF application filing with the SEC, the Bitcoin trade price surged by 20% within 5 days. The current trade price of Bitcoin is $30,630. 

Bloomberg analyst says Bitcoin may crash to $20k 18

On 23 June 2023, Bloomberg’s senior macro strategist, Mike McGlone, warned crypto Investors to remain ready to deal with the upcoming potential correction in the Bitcoin trade price. 

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According to McGlone, Bitcoin may see a big correction & hit $20k & also have similar chances to see an increment of $10k. The senior analyst noted that approval of BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF application will not shield Bitcoin from the current US negative economic environment.

Some veteran Bitcoin traders shared their analysis & said that there are very rare chances for Bitcoin to trade below $26,500, as there is very big buy support and expect that soon it will hit $35,000.

BlackRock Bitcoin spot ETF

Since Q4 2021, the American securities regulatory body SEC rejected several Bitcoin spot ETFs applications but here experts believe that BlackRock will succeed in securing regulatory approval for its Bitcoin spot ETF. 

Few crypto enthusiasts believe that the Bitcoin sector will secure nearly a $16 trillion market, if BlackRock will get regulatory approval, however, it will be a matter of time.

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Bloomberg analyst says Bitcoin may crash to $20k



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