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Google welcomes people to earn AI fundamental knowledge

Google welcomes people to earn AI fundamental knowledge 2

Google Cloud invited students to learn some skills to develop AI tools with fundamental concepts.

Google Cloud is a subsidiary of Alphabet (formerly Google) which is focused on providing online storage solutions but not limited to providing online storage services. Over the last couple of years, Google Cloud expanded its services in the blockchain, Web3, & crypto sectors.

On 4 June 2023, Google Cloud welcomed people to get free education to develop AI tools. 

With this new program, Google Cloud wants to push a better level of education among the new & old devs free of cost, so that they can together create a better ecosystem for the AI tools. 

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Through this program, people can easily get the basic & fundamental ideas to develop AI bots, more similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI ChatBot. 


ChatGPT is a top-level AI chatbot, developed by AI tech firm OpenAI. In Nov 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT & after that the rest is history.

In the present time, almost every tech firm is trying to show interest in the AI sector, including several crypto projects.

AI & misuse 

This is a cool truth that AI can be used to perform several online tasks easily within a matter of clicks & without any need of skills but it is also a bitter truth that there are some bad actors, who can misuse such AI tools to conduct very big scams. 

Several Cybersecurity researchers noted that bad actors are using AI tools to create DeepFakes to bypass KYC security on the crypto exchanges and also creating suspicious software & smart contracts with the help of ChatGPT.

Recently Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said that in the near future,  bad actors will be able to create any fake 3d video with real voice, where it will be very hard for people to identify real & fake persons. 

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Google welcomes people to earn AI fundamental knowledge



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