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A hacker was trying to scam Uniswap users: scam alert

A hacker was trying to scam Uniswap users: scam alert 12

Uniswap co-founder’s account was hacked by a hacker but soon he recovered & deleted the suspicious tweet. 

Uniswap is a popular decentralized crypto exchange. This crypto exchange supports the trading of crypto assets on the top 4 crypto networks. Hayden Adams is the founder & CEO of Uniswap Exchange.

On 20 July 2023, An unknown hacker hacked Uniswap CEO’s Twitter account and then published a suspicious tweet through the hacked account.

The hacker invited Uniswap customers to revoke their trade permissions, to save the funds from the latest hack attack.

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In short, the Hacker tried his best to mislead & caught innocent crypto traders with the help of fake hack news.

A hacker was trying to scam Uniswap users: scam alert 11
Deleted suspicious tweet, published by the hacker

Within a few minutes, the tweet disappeared, as the Uniswap CEO successfully recovered the hacked account. Many crypto Twitter users reported that they were still able to see that suspicious tweet.

Later Uniswap labs, the developer firm behind the Uniswap crypto exchange, warned people to remain away from any kind of such fake news and urged Uniswap customers not to click any suspicious link.

Some Crypto Twitter users claimed that the hacker successfully hacked Uniswap CEO’s Twitter account because of a sim swap attack, while some said that the hacker targeted the victim via a honeytrap method.

Just two hours ago, from the time of publication of this article, the Uniswap CEO tweeted & confirmed that his account has been recovered & is in his full control and also thanked everyone who helped him in this situation to tackle the whole incident.

Earlier this month, the Bitcoinik team reported that hackers target mainly high profile Crypto Twitter accounts, to easily win the trust of innocent & newbie crypto traders.

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A hacker was trying to scam Uniswap users: scam alert



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