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Hacker drains $23M from Alphapo crypto wallet

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Crypto detective reported that Alphapo wallet was drained by a hacker but the crypto wallet team tried to hide the incident.

AlphaPo is a popular crypto wallet that provides services for crypto companies to process crypto payment activities for customers. The platform supports more than 30 crypto assets. Along with crypto transaction services, the platform also provides a seamless accumulation of balances in 23+ fiat currencies. The majority of the crypto gambling websites use Alphapo crypto payment services.

On 23 July 2023, Some crypto Twitter users said that they are unable to withdraw their friends from the HypeDrop gambling platform. HypeDrop is one of the Alphapo’ customer.

The HypeDrop team said that the payment services provider is facing some technical issues from the crypto payment service provider and soon it will give some update on this matter.

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Crypto detective ZachXBT investigated this matter and confirmed that Alphapo hot crypto wallet was compromised and the hacker drained more than $23 million worth of crypto assets. 

According to ZachXBT, it is still unconfirmed that Alphapo lost how much funds in this incident. So the crypto detective indirectly confirmed that the stolen figure amount will be more than $23 million.

ZachXBT is always ready to uncover the hacking incidents. Everyday he exposes scammers, & ponzi crypto token projects to keep the crypto industry clean.

Twitter & hackers 

In the last couple of months, the majority of the hackers targeted mainly the high profile crypto influencers & crypto supportive personalities.

Hackers hack the Twitter account of famous people and then invite people to collect free crypto tokens. Indeed they try to attract innocent crypto Twitter users to conduct the scam smoothly. 

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Hacker drains $23M from Alphapo crypto wallet



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