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Peter Schiff says his son is no more bullish on Bitcoin 

Peter Schiff says his son is no more bullish on Bitcoin  6

A popular Bitcoin critic said that his son is no longer interested in Bitcoin and now he is focusing on the future’s tech trends.

Peter Schiff is a global economist. He invests in Gold and also always talks about physical Gold, Gold bonds, & Gold ETF and also motivates other people to go for Gold investment. In the past Schiff never supported Bitcoin and also passed several negative comments about Bitcoin.

On 19 July 2023, Peter Schiff took to Twitter to criticise Bitcoin and said that his son is not interested in Bitcoin and now he is engaged in the Artificial intelligence (AI) tech sector. 

Bitcoin hater Indirectly said that soon other young people will also lose their interest in Bitcoin to focus on something new.

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On the same day, Schiff’s son Spencer said that he changed his interest. First of all, he admitted that Bitcoin is a much better form of money than a dollar and admitted that it will make investors wealthy but at the same time he said that some other things can help to make more money over Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin supportive statements passed by Spencer is showing that he’s trying to stop the attacks he is facing from the Bitcoin proponents.

On 18 July, Spencer claimed that Bitcoin will crash near to zero trade price in the upcoming few years. He also said that Bitcoin will not bring overall any impact on the world. 

It is worth it to note that Spencer was a bitcoin bullish person till March of this year and also the Bitcoin community was thinking that someday Spencer will convince his father to change his stance on the future of Bitcoin.

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Peter Schiff says his son is no more bullish on Bitcoin



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