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US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr holding Bitcoin

US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr holding Bitcoin 2

Financial disclosure revealed that Robert Kennedy Jr’s family held $25k worth of Bitcoins.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr is a popular American environmental lawyer, and politician. He is one of the US presidential candidates for 2024. In the Crypto sector, he grabbed huge popularity because of his pro-Bitcoin stance. 

In a June 30 filing, financial disclosure showed that Francis Kennedy & his family held Bitcoin (BTC) in between $100,001 and $250,000 and earned less than $201 from this investment.

The report failed to provide any deep information about when he or his family purchased the mentioned Bitcoin.

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A report  from CNBC confirmed that Francis is not holding Bitcoin, instead, he is collecting Bitcoin donations for his presidential candidate via her wife’s Bitcoin wallet.

The first time around a month ago, Kennedy openly showed his support for the Bitcoin industry and said that he will accept Bitcoin for his presidential election campaign. 

Many reports noted that Kennedy is showing frequent support for Bitcoin during public events.

In May, Kennedy slammed 30% crypto tax measures, proposed by the US Biden administration. In late June, Kennedy tweeted about Bitcoin and said that Bitcoin is a bulwark against totalitarianism and the manipulation of our money supply.

During the Bitcoin Miami 2023 conference, he said that he will become a pro-Bitcoin US president if he is elected in the 2024 presidential election.

Several media reports noted that almost every US presidential candidate is showing support for Bitcoin & Crypto directly or indirectly, to get support from the crypto community ahead of 2024’s presidential election.

In the present time, Joe Biden is the US president & in the past, he never passed Bitcoin-supported statements and also supported several new bills against the crypto sector. Also, the current situation is not good for the Crypto sector, as the majority of the crypto companies are shifting their business from the US market to other countries, to run crypto business under full clear rules & regulations.

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US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr holding Bitcoin



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