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Vitalik says he  stakes a very small amount of ETH holdings 

Vitalik says he  stakes a very small amount of ETH holdings  2

The latest statement passed by the core Ethereum co-founder created a huge fear among the Ethereum (ETH) coin investors.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is the core founder of the Ethereum blockchain. He is a Russian Canadian computer programmer. At present he is active in the crypto industry as a successful crypto celebrity & usually, he guides crypto startups to follow the best approach to push crypto & blockchain adoption. 

Recently Vitalik Buterin appeared in an interview with the Bankless Podcast YouTube channel, where he indirectly showed his fear over the current development infrastructure of the Ethereum blockchain.

Vitalik said that he’s still concerned about staking a large part of his ETH holdings due to security reasons. According to this Russian-Canadian programmer, the current ETH staking system is not much secure from some perspectives, as the private key of the staked ETH remains risky under public online systems.

Furthermore, he also noted that currently, multisign ETH staking is also a very difficult thing for the ETH stakers. On behalf of such issues, Vitalik stakes only a small portion of his ETH holding.

Another Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, who left the Ethereum project in 2013, responded to Vitalik’s statement & appreciated his self-founded crypto-staking model for Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

Vitalik on Ethereum rival projects

In the first week of June of this year, BinanceUS & Coinbase crypto exchanges sued by the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

In suits, the SEC body mentioned several crypto assets as security crypto tokens.

On such regulatory uncertainty in the US over the nature of crypto assets, Vitalik said that he is feeling bad for the Ethereum rival crypto assets that are facing such regulatory issues in the US. 

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Vitalik says he  stakes a very small amount of ETH holdings



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