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Ethereum co-founder slams Cardano critic

Ethereum co-founder slams Cardano critic 5

Charles Hoskinson dragged a Cardano critic under his good response and confirmed that Cardano can’t copy Ethereum’s model. 

Cardano is a popular scalable blockchain network. Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, founded Cardano blockchain in 2017. After leaving the Ethereum project, Hoskinson started his work on the Cardano project in 2015, to compete against every crypto network easily. 

On 17 Aug 2023,  a crypto X user (formerly a Twitter user) indirectly said that the Cardano team probably forgot about Cardano layer-2 scaling solution Hydra and also said that in the future Hoskinson will call Hydra a useless or less useful concept & further will move ahead to copy the Ethereum’s model. 

Cardano founder Hoskinson responded to this Cardano critic and said that Hydra is already live on the Cardano mainnet & also evolving fast. 

Hoskinson criticized Ethereum’s programming model & called it terrible because devs can’t introduce changes in the code, on behalf of the situation.

Furthermore, Cardano’s founder said that Ethereum Layer-2 scaling networks are killing Ethereum in terms of dominance in this sector but here Cardano’s layer-2 model is best for Cardano as well as Cardano Layer-2 scaling network (Cardano sidechain networks).

Cardano founder usually remains ready to respond against the Cardano critics and the good thing about the Cardano project is they never promote their crypto project or development works, instead focussing on providing quality to the network as much as they can.

It is a bitter reality that the majority of the crypto project in the crypto industry mainly focussed on promoting their presence in collaboration with other crypto companies & projects, but here Cardano team spend very less amount of funds for promotional activities.

Ada coin 

The current trade price of ADA coin is $0.26 & this trade price is 42% down year to date. 

Ethereum co-founder slams Cardano critic 4

3 months ago, people were showing significant inclination toward the Cardano blockchain, to transfer funds at a very low transaction fee. 

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Ethereum co-founder slams Cardano critic



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