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Glow Token founder sues CryptoCom exchange

Glow Token founder sues CryptoCom exchange 6

Bryan Lawrence took legal action against the exchange over negligence practices.

Glow is a programmable yield ecosystem built on Terra, building yield-focused dApps that encourage $UST adoption. Glow was launched on Terra’s Mainnet on the 10th of January 2022 but later the token team shifted its token to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Bryan Lawrence is the founder of this token and Glow Token LLC is the backend company behind this crypto project.

On 18 Aug 2023, Brayn Lawrence informed his followers that Glow token company sued Forix Dax, the parent company of major cryptocurrency exchange 

Through the suit, Lawrence said that he followed all due diligence throughout the listing process by directly verifying every step with and reviewing the listing contract but he later learned that he had never been in contact with official employees at all.

According to Lawrence, the CryptoCom team responded to this incident on 16 March & confirmed that he went through a scam trap.

Through the legal action, the Glow token founder said that he faced several issues in his life (financially & personally) because of this whole incident. To take legal action against CryptoCom, Lawrence sold his house. 

Lawrence also said that the whole incident resulted in a very bad outcome for his health, facing some health issues in his stomach.

“I am currently consulting with specialists in the hope of finding a solution to my health problems,” Lawrence said.

CryptoCom token price action

Following this news, the trade price of the CryptoCom token (CRO) crashed by 3-4% for a few hours but later recovered easily. 

The current trade price of the CRO token is $0.05231 & this trade price is 8.43% low than the last 7 hours’ trade price.

Glow Token founder sues CryptoCom exchange 5

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Glow Token founder sues CryptoCom exchange



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